Fireside Sunday, FHE Monday and 5th Sunday coming up

Sunday January 8, 2017 – Fireside with Beverly Shaw – 7:00PMMonday January 9, 2017 – FHE with Steven Udar-Hazy – 7:30PM
Sunday January 29, 2017 – MSA 5th Sunday – 2:30PM

Fireside with Therapist Beverly Shaw – Sunday January 8, 2017 – 7:00PM

Join us at the Santa Monica 2nd building (1257 Centinela Ave Santa Monica CA) on Sunday January 8, 2017 for a fireside with Therapist Beverly Shaw. She will be addressing ways to positively cope with change, unexpected challenges and grief. Q&A to follow.

FHE Monday January 9, 2017 – MSA FHE with Steven Udvar-Hazy – 7:30PM-10:30PM

Come join us for an inspirational FHE with the LA and SM MSA for our monthly FHE on January 9th at 7:30 at the Westwood building (behind the temple, 10740 Ohio Ave Los Angeles CA).

Steven Udvar-Hazy a successful entreprenuer will share insight into acheiving our goals.

Refreshments will be provided.

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MSA 5th Sunday Block of Meetings – January 29, 2017 – 2:30PM

Please join us on Sunday January 29, 2017 at 2:30PM at the Los Angeles Stake Center (1209 S Manhattan Pl, Los Angeles CA) for a full three block of meetings followed by a light dinner. Sacrament Meeting starts first.